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Retirement Plans and Rollovers

We help you with your retirement planning and funding for your retirement. Whether you are retiring soon, planning on retiring in the next few year, own a business or work for a company you need to plan for retirement. We offer safety of principal, top rated carriers, precious metal I.R.A.’s,. Our plans generally consist annuity, 401K of life insurance and disability insurance. For our business owners we offer Simplified Employee Pensions (S.E.P.’s) which allow you to carve out and contribute at a higher rate annually compared to a traditional plan.

If you are retiring from a city, state or U.S. Government employment we have much better options for your deferred compensation, 403B. I.R.A. plans that leaving the funds with the agency you are working for. Our products offer a better return and more direction and control. By leaving the funds with your employer you lose the flexibility access and adjusting your income if needed. Once you retire from a government job your choice s on your plans are locked in forever where our are not. Our plans also provide the ability to access funds in the event you need to pay for care when your older.

If you have worked for a few employers over the years we can consolidate those plans into a single plan which provides the ability for you to manage, control and receive a better rate of return.

Have funds just laying in a certificate of deposit earning low interest rates an annuity could provide a better rate of return and tax benefits. We offer qualified and non qualified plans depending on your liquidity needs and you tax situation.

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